akaBot and WEM APAC Join Hands, Showcasing No-code and Hyperautomation Capabilities

akaBot and WEM APAC Join Hands_ Showcasing No-code and Hyperautomation Capabilities

akaBot, and global no-code enterprise WEM APAC co-hosted The Evince, an event that addressed the benefits of no-code and Hyperautomation in supporting a more intelligent Invoicing Automation Application. This is the first time the two IT powerhouse combined to host such an event since announcing their partnership in 2021.

The two companies demonstrated their strong technical capabilities, with FPT Software showcasing its Hyperautomation solution akaBot and WEM APAC introducing its comprehensive no-code platform. Participants got the chance to gain first-hand experiences and interact with the hosts’ applications, as well as learn about the benefits and importance of Automation technology in Invoice Processing.

At the event, WEM APAC introduced its No-Code Enterprise Application Development Platform. It is expected to offer ten times Faster Application Development compared to traditional methods while lowering the Total Cost of Ownership by a third. The leading no-code platform provider hopes to support global enterprises to accelerate business velocity, empower them to build custom applications and automate business processes.

Commenting on the event, Mr. Tran Quang Tin, RPA Presales & Technical Consultant from akaBot, FPT Software mentioned: “The message we try to deliver in The Evince is that there is no need to stress since the power of RPA and No Code combined can enable anyone, any business to start the digital transformation journey with ease and excitement. With a few simple drag-and-drops, the audience can develop an automation bot for themselves and enjoy the benefits right away.”

The highlight of The Evince was the demonstration of the development of automation bots using the No Code features of akaBot. With just four simple drag-and-drops steps, participants can easily create their own RPA robot to log in to a browser in seconds after streaming the event. Also, the end-to-end automated invoicing process leveraging IDP-infused RPA technology was also demonstrated by akaBot and received positive feedback from the audience.

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Poised to become an end-to-end Hyperautomation solution for worldwide businesses, akaBot has constantly improved its products by combining emerging technologies into its solution packages, including AI, Machine Learning, Intelligent Document Processing and more. Following the vision of “Everyone can Automate”, akaBot expects to further expand its foothold especially to the APAC and European markets, supporting enterprises and individuals to approach digital transformation in an easy, cost-benefits and sufficient way.