ITDigest’s Interview With John Mitchell, Sr Global Marketing Operations and Analytics Manager at Minitab


Data hygiene. We have a great setup and data, but insights into any data source will be improved as the data is adequately cleaned and organised. So we continue to drive our belief of data management in our company – I am a true believer in eating the food we make!

How have you effectively utilized your expertise as a Communications & Digital Marketing Specialist in the computer software industry? Specifically, could you detail the strategies and tools you’ve found most impactful? Additionally, how do you incorporate automation and  marketing infrastructure into your digital campaigns, and what advantages have you noticed in terms of campaign efficiency and effectiveness?

If there is one tool I have found most useful for execution of Marketing campaign that would be HubSpot. It not only allows to deploy a range of assets and implement flexible automation but also allows for easy and in depth integrations with other tools that have been very effective in delivering content such as ON24 and OktoPost. With HubSpot in place we can launch campaigns nurture programs and convert leads with accurate insights into the reason for conversion and tracking engagements effectively. The CRM and custom events allow reporting to have a wealth of data at hand with easy build dashboards.

John, can you tell us about your professional background and your current role at Minitab. Also tell us how does Minitab differentiate itself from other companies in the same space?

Minitab is the leader in providing solutions to provide data analysis for companies in arrange of industries to gain insights to improve performance and deliver high quality products and services. My role within the Marketing team, as the Senior Marketing Operation and Analytics manager, is support their efforts to run campaigns with operational and analytical needs. This includes enhancing the customer journey, campaign specific support and implementing a range of tools and processes.

Could you tell us how software and technology companies can leverage structured problem solving approaches and data-driven solutions to enhance efficiency and innovation across their organizations, ultimately leading to faster product development, better understanding of customer needs, and improved overall performance?

Data driven problem-solving techniques deliver insights on the challenges and issues that are not instantly apparent. They enable rapid detection of the drivers/metrics that need to be addressed to improve efficiency, which delivers the  visibility on challenges need correcting and in what order to have the most significant impact

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What specific features does Minitab’s marketing solutions offer to assist marketers in effectively planning, executing, and analyzing their campaigns amidst the overwhelming abundance of data and channels in today’s marketing landscape?

Marketers can leverage Minitab’s comprehensive suite of solutions to navigate the complex landscape of modern marketing with ease and precision:

  • Minitab Workspace: Ideal for campaign strategy and planning, this tool helps marketers visualize processes, map out campaign flows, and identify opportunities for improvement, ensuring a well-structured approach to marketing initiatives.
  • Minitab Statistical Software: Essential for A/B testing, it allows marketers to analyze the effectiveness of different campaign variations, providing data-driven insights to optimize performance and maximize ROI.
  • Predictive Analytics: This feature empowers marketers to forecast campaign performance across various channels, enabling them to allocate resources efficiently and focus on strategies with the highest potential for success.
  • Minitab Connect: A powerful tool for data integration, it collects and consolidates data from multiple sources, streamlining reporting and providing a holistic view of campaign metrics, which aids in making informed decisions.
  • Minitab Engage: Perfect for campaign management, it facilitates brainstorming sessions, task assignments, and responsibility tracking, ensuring seamless collaboration and execution of marketing projects.

These tools collectively enable marketers to plan, execute, and analyze their campaigns more effectively, transforming data into actionable insights and driving successful marketing outcomes.

How does Minitab Model Ops streamline the transition from model creation to model deployment, offering a bridge between the two stages, and what features does it provide to simplify ML Ops for business analysts and engineers?

Minitab Model Ops makes it easy to move from model creation to deployment with a simple one-click feature, simplifying what is usually a difficult and time-consuming process. Seamless integration with Minitab Statistical Software provides users with a singular platform for building and deploying models. You can monitor performance metrics in real-time and get alerts for any issues you designate, allowing for proactive management.

Additionally, the platform helps to ensure compliance and security with features like audit logs and access control. By centralizing model storage and supporting REST API integration, Minitab Model Ops simplifies deployment, making the deployment process more efficient and painless for business analysts and engineers. Most importantly, Model Ops can help increase innovation and productivity from all members of your team.

What strategies can marketers employ to optimize the performance of their promotional emails, particularly in terms of open rate and click-through rate, and how does A/B testing play a crucial role in achieving this optimization?

Well, I would say experiment with A/B testing, rinse and repeat so glad you mentioned it. We explore A\B testing and run statistical analysis on the results to determine if there is statistical significance.

What advice do you have for other leaders who are looking to drive growth for their brand?

Buy Minitab, get trained up and start your journey to improved growth – our experts and solutions will support your organization every step of the way.

What is the biggest problem you or your team is solving this year?

Data hygiene. We have a great setup and data, but insights into any data source will be improved as the data is adequately cleaned and organised. So we continue to drive our belief of data management in our company – I am a true believer in eating the food we make!

Is there anything that you’re currently reading, or any favourite books, that you’d Recommend?

I always recommend Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends an influence people” as it is a great read and can be helpful for personal and professional life. I have recently finished “The speed of trust” which is also a great way to approach work.

Thanks, John!

My name is John Mitchell-Patnett, and I hold the position of Senior Global Marketing Operations and Analytics Manager at Minitab. In this role, I have the privilege of collaborating with exceptional colleagues and top-tier management. My responsibilities encompass overseeing projects that introduce a variety of tools for the Marketing team, establishing streamlined processes to enhance operational efficiency, optimizing the customer experience, deriving valuable insights from diverse data sources, and exploring cutting-edge technologies to elevate our marketing strategies. Apart from my professional endeavours, I have a keen interest in delving into the realms of AI, engaging in photography and videography, and immersing myself in knowledge-seeking pursuits to gain a deeper comprehension of our world and human behaviour. During leisure time, I enjoy activities such as visiting the gym, practicing martial arts, indulging in mountain biking, and immersing myself in the realm of video games.

At Minitab, we help customers around the world leverage the power of data analysis to gain insights and make a significant impact on their organizations. By unlocking the value of data, Minitab enables organizations to improve performance, develop life changing innovations and meet their commitments of delivering high quality products and services and outstanding customer satisfaction. Whether you’re just getting started with analytics, implementing machine learning, or creating better visualizations and dashboards, our experts and solutions will support your organization every step of the way.