Mendix 10 Solidifies Enterprise Low-Code as the Key Enabler for Composable Digital Solution Delivery


Mendix, a Siemens business and global leader in modern enterprise application development, announced the general availability of Mendix 10, the most powerful release of the industry-leading low-code platform. Mendix 10 introduces a host of innovations that empower organizations to meet unprecedented demand for software by enabling shifts in enterprise-wide digital solution delivery.

Organizations across all industries are faced with the challenge of delivering business outcomes in the face of rapid change. Many are turning to new models to deliver innovation at speed and scale. Visionary enterprises are forming teams of professional developers and business technologists, arming them with a platform for composing digital solutions, and curating sophisticated libraries of capabilities and data from across the enterprise and extended ecosystem. The new Mendix 10 platform supports this shift to what Gartner calls the composable enterprise. Mendix 10 also includes many additional powerful and innovative features including the latest AI and machine learning capabilities; new tools to foster business-IT collaboration; a streamlined developer experience; expansion of cloud deployment options; and a modern approach to governance and control.

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“Mendix 10 is designed to enable organizations to approach new digital delivery models like fusion teams and composition with a trusted, reliable platform,” Tim Srock, Mendix CEO explained. “Mendix 10 is transformational. Our customers are trying to balance the relentless demand for digitalization with legacy technology and organizational structures. Mendix 10 enables organizations to approach heady topics like composability with a practical and accessible toolset and an ecosystem of expertise.”

Members of the Mendix ecosystem agree. Impact Networking is a national managed service provider with over 14,000 customers. Jon Evans, vice president of managed digital transformation, said, “Mendix consistently delivers major releases with new functionality that pushes and motivates our teams. Mendix Connect, Workflow, and AI have taken our capabilities to the next level. This innovation has continued through the acquisition by Siemens, who has invested heavily in R&D so there is a comprehensive product roadmap.”

The most powerful low-code IDE, packed with productivity enhancements

Mendix 10 was built by developers, for developers, to provide the most intuitive and powerful low-code integrated development environment (IDE) on the market. Beta customers have been energized by numerous capabilities, such as version control based on the ubiquitous Git product, updated REST and database connectors, and numerous quality-of-life enhancements such as visual data filters, rich properties, and design controls; Start from Spreadsheet; and PDF document generator.

SOURCE: PRNewswire