Archives Launches App 360 to Reform Traditional APM, Driving Down the Cost and Complexity of Application Observability  provider of Open 360™, the industry’s most easy-to-use, cost-efficient observability platform announced the launch of App 360, a new, observability-based approach to Application Performance Management (APM). App 360, the newest addition to the Open 360™ observability platform, delivers all the functionality needed for core APM use cases in an observability solution that is simpler to use and less expensive than traditional APM solutions yet provides full visibility into application health and performance.

APM is broadly defined as tools and systems to monitor and manage the performance and availability in software applications.

“App 360 takes everything that’s wrong with traditional APM and flips it on its head,” said Asaf Yigal, co-founder and CTO of “Whereas traditional APM is heavy, hard to implement, expensive, shackled by vendor lock-in and slow to bring business value, App 360 is exactly the opposite. App 360 is tailor-made for the microservices and Kubernetes era and offers a high-performance observability approach that is easy to set up, easy to use, and less costly than traditional APM solutions.”

App 360 is a centralized interface for visualizing and investigating application performance. Built for distributed microservices architectures running on Kubernetes and other modern environments, App 360 combines logs, metrics and traces from applications, infrastructure and Kubernetes into a single picture. App 360 enables stakeholders to see the right signals and correlate all the relevant information to truly understand their environment, from individual applications all the way down to the CPU level. With App 360, customers can avoid siloed telemetry and quickly achieve full application observability so they can answer difficult questions about the current state of their environments — at a fraction of the cost of other platforms.

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“Engineers can now get APM capabilities without APM headaches through a modern, observability-centric technology that doesn’t take forever to implement and gives engineers just what they need to surface and resolve issues rapidly,” Yigal continued.

*Key Benefits of App 360: Essential APM Made Easy and Cost-Effective*
One of App 360’s major benefits is that it is exceptionally easy to use.’s OpenTelemetry-based agent enables automatic service discovery, one-click application instrumentation, and data collection for logs, metrics and traces. From there, the most critical application telemetry data and insights are automatically highlighted within App 360 — making the current state of service performance obvious.

App 360 helps engineers surface issues sooner and debug their services faster.‘s Service Map and Service List provide a bird’s eye view of performance across microservices architectures. Telemetry data is automatically tagged and organized by microservices so when a problem occurs, it is immediately obvious which services are affected. From there, App 360 provides straightforward paths to investigate problems by correlating the relevant logs, metrics and traces needed to isolate the root cause of the issue.