Actian Data Platform Named “Data Integration Solution Of The Year” in 5th Annual Data Breakthrough Awards Program


 Data Breakthrough, an independent market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global data technology market, today announced that Actian, the data and analytics division of HCLSoftware, has been selected as winner of the “Data Integration Solution of the Year” award in the 5th annual Data Breakthrough Awards program. The 2024 Data Breakthrough Award recognizes the breakthrough innovation of the Actian Data Platform.

The Actian Data Platform provides a unified experience for ingesting, transforming, analyzing, and storing data, and is now available with Integration as a Service. The new, unified platform makes data easy across cloud, on-premises, and hybrid environments to power more data-intensive applications that allow for real-time analytics. It manages data through a single pane of glass, and its new API-first integration capabilities, empowers businesses to leverage data from a variety of sources, fostering a more cohesive and efficient data ecosystem.

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The platform’s recent updates include strengthened integration and data capabilities that are available directly within the Actian Data Platform. In addition to using pre-built connectors, customers can now effortlessly connect data and applications using REST- and SOAP-based APIs, providing unparalleled flexibility and customization. Moreover, the Actian Data Platform introduces codeless transformations, enabling users to implement complex data transformations seamlessly through an intuitive drag-and-drop canvas interface.

“We saw that by providing businesses with a self-service data integration solution, we could help them address multiple use cases without needing multiple products, while also lowering costs. Simplifying the delivery of real-time analytics and insights allows businesses to both trust and use their data,” said Jennifer Jackson, CMO, Actian. “We’ll continue to enhance our platform to provide data leaders with confidence that they have a strategic solution that facilitates self-service access to data and improves trust in data-driven applications.”

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire