ITDigest’s Weekly News Roundup Featuring Vim, Oracle, Quantinuum, Zscaler, and more


Here is IT Digest’s weekly roundup of the top news from global markets. In this fast-paced world, breaking down information helps readers grasp the nuances that follow the news.

In Hardware and Network news this week…

Zscaler Extends Zero Trust SASE Leadership and Eliminates the Need for Firewall-Based Segmentation

Zscaler, Inc, the leader in cloud security, announced they have signed an agreement to acquire Airgap Networks, the leader in cybersecurity solutions for business-critical networks. Combining Zscaler’s Zero Trust SD-WAN and Airgap Networks’ agentless segmentation technology will transform how enterprises implement Zero Trust Segmentation to IoT/OT devices, and critical infrastructure across branches, campuses, factories, and data centers, including east-west connectivity.

Keysight Showcases Solutions Accelerating AI Adoption for Data Center and Cloud Service Providers at OFC 2024

The use of AI is growing rapidly and the race to develop and deploy high-speed, high-bandwidth optical interconnects is a top priority for data center and cloud service providers. At OFC 2024, Keysight will demonstrate its market-leading design, simulation, and test solutions that accelerate the adoption of AI through the validation of high-speed optical and electrical technologies.

Quantinuum partners with Microsoft in a new phase of reliable quantum computing with groundbreaking demonstration of reliable logic qubits

Quantinuum, the world’s largest integrated quantum computing company, has partnered with Microsoft to achieve a breakthrough in achieving fault-tolerant quantum computing by developing the most reliable logic qubits with active syndrome extraction demonstrated – an achievement that was previously thought to be years away from being realized.

New Oracle AI-powered Cloud Service Helps Banks Mitigate Anti-Money-Laundering Risks

ACAMS The Assembly Hollywood — With $5.05 trillion expected to be laundered this year alone, banks are struggling to keep up with the cost and complexity of compliance. To help address this massive challenge, Oracle Financial Services today introduced Oracle Financial Services Compliance Agent. The AI-powered cloud service enables banks to run inexpensive, hypothetical scenario testing to adjust thresholds and controls to sort through transactions, identify nefarious activity, and meet compliance requirements more effectively.

Apixio Partners With Vim to Deliver AI-Powered Insights at the Point of Care

Apixio, a leading healthcare data and analytics company, announces a strategic partnership with Vim, a leading point-of-care connection platform, to enhance accurate condition capture during the patient visit and improve patient care. This initiative leverages Apixio’s expertise in analyzing structured and unstructured data for enhanced risk adjustment and enables seamless integration within clinical workflows. Apixio’s insights include sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities to monitor performance, promote provider participation, and identify educational opportunities. The collaboration features user-friendly tools that fit effortlessly into provider workflows, fostering greater adoption and engagement.

In Information and Communications news this week…