SkyKick Announces Major Platform Upgrades, Introducing New Smart Cloud Backup Products, Improved Security Manager, and Next-Generation Migration Suites


SkyKick , the global pioneer in cloud-based automation and management solutions for ITSPs,  announced the launch of its cloud-based management platform major upgrades. The company’s new and enhanced products provide advanced data protection and customized security insights, enabling IT service providers to meet the growing demand for effective security solutions and conversations in the SMB market. This is the company’s largest platform upgrade in the past decade.

In this era dominated by data and artificial intelligence, 88% of SME customers are most concerned about security. Although the total IT budget of the enterprise remains the same—or even declines, 42% of SME owners are willing to increase investment in security and data protection solutions. Given the rising adoption of Microsoft 365 (now estimated at 382 million business users worldwide) and the proliferation of sensitive data residing in the cloud, the demand for security services provided by managed services continues to grow among SMBs. IT service providers are struggling to keep up with this demand.

“As a pioneer in Microsoft 365 cloud data protection and security, we closely monitor customer and partner usage and adoption trends,” said Todd Schwartz, co-CEO of SkyKick. For successful security and data protection, they need better and smarter tools. If IT service providers adopt our new products, they can not only easily meet customer needs, but also successfully create an easy-to-sell and easy-to-manage security business.”

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SkyKick announced the launch of its redesigned Cloud Backup product, providing intelligent data protection for Microsoft 365. One of the exciting new features is SmartInsights , which provides insights into data growth and protection trends to improve customer engagement. Customers tend to proactively ask for information about their data protection status. With SmartInsights , IT service providers can meet this client need and turn data protection into a beneficial differentiator.

In addition to SmartInsights , the new Cloud Backup also introduces a user-centric architecture, making it easier for IT service providers to get started. Take, for example, its new group management feature, which has now been expanded to include onboarding and offboarding processes. To fully expand the reach of Microsoft 365, it now also includes Microsoft Planner data under protection. Overall, the new Cloud Backup re-imagines the data protection structure for modern IT service providers, shortens the time required to solve problems, and improves customer satisfaction.

“For partners to fully deliver on their commitment to their customers, they must provide services that go beyond data protection. Security Manager was designed to help partners take a more proactive stance and develop stronger practices when it comes to improving security. “SkyKick‘s SecurityRadar, launched today, is a key innovation built into Security Manager that provides data-driven security insights to 100,000 Microsoft cloud partners. insights to drive proactive and customized customer engagement.”

SOURCE: Businesswire