The newly introduced Exterro FTK 8.1 delivers critical insights by examining Windows, mobile and Mac data on a unified platform


Exterro announced the launch of FTK 8.1, the award-winning, court-admissible digital investigations solution designed for speed, reliability and ease of use, with the fastest scalable processing engine on the market. FTK 8.1 redefines mobile investigations using next-generation data processing, the fastest and most collaborative review and analytics technology, near-native data reporting, and the most scalable remote Mac capture capabilities on the market.

Most importantly, FTK 8.1 delivers a breakthrough entity management solution that automatically groups all mobile and computer data from a single device user, then aggregates all the different usernames, accounts and devices into a comprehensive view of their activity. With a clear picture of the applications, devices and communication patterns used most frequently by individual individuals, investigators can quickly uncover hidden patterns in complex data sets related to individuals and get to conclusions faster. This evidence can then be seamlessly shared with third-party examiners on FTK Central’s web-based platform or via a portable case, and evidence stories can be easily communicated via a new, fully customizable report builder that compiles artifacts and timelines into a clear narrative.

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“Exterro brings 30 years of market experience and a bold, innovative approach to DFIR with FTK 8.1, making it the solution of choice for data investigations on mobile, desktop and in the cloud,” said Harsh Behl, Vice President of Product Management, Forensic Solutions at Exterro. “With these new enhancements, investigators can get to the key facts of the case much faster by automatically identifying known aliases, eliminating the need to spend hours connecting pieces of information, and creating a comprehensive view of relationships and communication patterns. Key evidence can then be compiled and communicated in a single report that embeds artifacts and timelines directly into the narrative. This results in a faster, more efficient and more effective investigative process.”

For enterprise customers conducting large-scale internal investigations, FTK 8.1 supports collecting and remediating data from a wide variety of remote devices, including collecting from a Mac endpoint that is not on the corporate network or VPN. Users can also respond to incidents faster by performing rapid triage on compromised remote endpoints with FTK’s new targeted collection presets. It’s now easier than ever to collect the most important information, analyze it in FTK, and then respond at scale.

SOURCE: GlobeNewswire