Userful Unveils The World’s First “Quad-Play” Solution For Modernized Operations Centers

Userful Corporation

Userful Corporation, a provider of solutions for core enterprise operations, has introduced the launch of its next-generation operations centers solution encompassing a full suite of command and control applications that bolster visualization and collaboration for critical decision making.

Leveraging the Userful Infinity Platform’s capabilities, Userful’s operations centers offering provides a platform that maximizes operational intelligence through the integration of operational content (eg: VMS, BMS, Access Control) for visualization, management, and control of critical information. It provides enterprise IT with an all-in-one approach to efficiently manage their mission-critical AV systems requiring no proprietary hardware all for a single price.

With an emphasis on industry-leading advantages including Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) optimization, intuitive usability, seamless control room and end-point integrations, centralized management, scalability, and state-of-the-art security, Userful‘s operations centers solution sets a new standard for situational intelligence and operational excellence.

Operations Centers Management

Provides operators with dynamic layouts designed for seamless collaboration and enables any source configuration to facilitate the creation of high-end graphics on large canvases. Advanced workflows offer increased flexibility in sharing layouts and role-based access controls, ensuring both versatility and appropriate security controls.

Advanced Operator Workstations

uConduct: uses IT protocols within its software-defined AV over IP platform to power advanced operator workstations, real-time control of multiple sources, and customized interactive layouts. It leverages an intuitive interface for operators to present, manage, and distribute content, information, and data within security operations centers, control rooms and war rooms.

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uControl: faster than navigating a mouse or typing on a keyboard, Userful’s simplified remote control touch interface provides operators rapid switching between sources: easy, single touch, switching of content on multiple destinations at one time. Operators can use uControl on a tablet or any browser enabled device for easy switching and assignments of content without the need to do these actions from a workstation.

War Rooms

For operators and management that need to assemble in a secure, air-gapped meeting space, this solution enables collaboration and creates a dedicated space or virtual environment where security professionals can gather to manage and coordinate the response to major security incidents or breaches.

Emergency Mass Notification Alerts

Streamlines communication, improves situational awareness, and facilitates efficient decision-making among security analysts by creating a centralized hub for sharing information, collaborating, and responding to security incidents effectively.

Monitoring Support and Threat Detection

Leverage data dashboards for threat detection, analyze network activity, logs, and security events. Visualize advanced analytics and identify security risks, allowing for rapid response to prevent breaches and enhance organizational security.

SOURCE: Businesswire