Singtel and Broadcom Partner to Bring Seamless Connectivity and Edge Computing to Mission-Critical Applications


Singtel and VMware, recently acquired by Broadcom Inc., are partnering to enable enterprises to seamlessly manage their connectivity and cloud infrastructure through Singtel Paragon, the industry’s first all-in-one orchestration platform for 5G and edge cloud.

The ultra-low latency, high reliability and network slicing capabilities of Singtel 5G, combined with VMware advanced virtualisation, cloud computing and software-defined edge technologies, allows enterprises to rapidly deploy and manage mission-critical applications. This is especially advantageous to businesses operating in the smart cities and telemedicine domains, as well as those operating automated factories, where network and application proximity is critical to real-time, high-performance operations.

Through the partnership, enterprises using applications and services leveraging the VMware Edge Cloud Orchestrator will be able to quickly tap onto Singtel 5G without having to redesign their applications.

In support of the partnership, Singtel and Broadcom will establish a Joint Innovation Lab. The lab will bring together 5G and edge-native application design experts, alongside commercial model specialists, to ensure enterprises can seamlessly onboard their VMware-based applications to Paragon. Going forward, the Lab aims to catalyse innovation by facilitating the development and testing process for new applications, thus fast-tracking time to market.

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Mr. Bill Chang, CEO of Singtel’s Digital InfraCo, said, “Singtel’s priority is to make the benefits of 5G and MEC accessible to all enterprises, through innovations such as our patented Paragon platform. The positive industry reception and adoption of Paragon across various markets is affirmation of its effectiveness, and our collaboration with VMware, and now Broadcom, will allow us to extend Paragon’s benefits to its growing list of telco partners and enterprise customers. We will continue to expand the Paragon ecosystem, bringing on board more platforms and solution providers, to pave the way for digitalization at scale.”

Mr. Sanjay Uppal, Vice President and General Manager, Software-Defined Edge Division, Broadcom, said, “Singtel and Broadcom are combining our expertise in 5G, cloud infrastructure and software-defined edge to deliver an end-to-end MEC solution that will help enterprises accelerate adoption of 5G technology at the edge. Together with Singtel, we’re delivering Infrastructure as a Service and Container as a Service offerings to help enterprises power their edge-native applications. We share a mutual vision in the importance of network programmability at the software-defined edge to enable workloads to express their intent to the network, allowing dynamic and on-demand connectivity with the lowest latency.”

SOURCE: Globenewswire