Blattner Technologies Acquires Boss AI and Their Enterprise AI Platform


Blattner Technologies, on a mission to be the leading provider of Predictive Transformation™ services and tools in the Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning industry has acquired BOSS AI, as a wholly owned subsidiary. Building on a 115-year legacy of innovation by the Blattner family of businesses, Blattner Technologies recognizes the cutting-edge work and industry-changing BOSS AI Enterprise platform as a valuable asset to their growing list of related companies and partners.

BOSS AI is the data technology powerhouse made up of leading AI industry experts and data scientists who have developed a proprietary Federated Machine Learning solution. Combining this never-before-seen technology with their team of experts, BOSS AI is uniquely positioned to help businesses in a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, e-commerce and financial services tap into the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience and create new products and services.  The BOSS AI team is also already engaged in a variety of Federal, State and Local government AI initiatives that require the power, performance and security that the BOSS AI Federated Machine Learning solution provides.

Businesses who build an AI culture today, will increase market share and develop a significant competitive advantage. 

Blattner Technologies CEO, Russ Blattner, is thrilled about the capabilities BOSS AI can bring to support organizations through the maturation of data and analytics to more robust solutions like AI/ML to provide forward-looking predictions and implement preemptive analytics. Blattner says, “BOSS AI has the resources and tools to complement the list of companies Blattner Technologies is acquiring in our mission to build a Predictive Transformation model that takes our customers from the basics of data management and analytics to operationalizing AI/ML and true Predictive Analytics throughout an organization.”

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Businesses who build an AI culture will increase market share and develop a significant competitive advantage. At the intersection of digital transformation and business growth, Blattner Technologies’ products, services and strategies help organizations thrive as the world becomes increasingly more digital.