Metaplane Achieves Snowflake’s Technical Validation


Metaplane became the first data observability tool ever to achieve Snowflake Technical Validation, part of Snowflake’s official partner program, created to give customers reassurance that integration standards between tools are up to par.

Snowflake’s partnership tier certifications are based on the number of joint customers and the quality of the integration. After reaching a particular partnership tier, eligible partners can apply for a Technical Validation certification that guarantees:

  • Connection compatibility with all Snowflake configurations
  • Detailed documentation on a joint integration
  • Meeting stringent security requirements, including secure user access with no data exfiltration
  • Functional features that solve for the use cases of the tool category.

To achieve this, Metaplane underwent a months long process including:

  • Providing system architecture diagrams
  • Demonstrating the product live to verify required functionality
  • Providing detailed summaries of capabilities and security certifications of Metaplane

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“I’m excited for our expanded partnership with Metaplane to ensure reliable and accurate data as customers continue to push the envelope with what they’re doing with their data in Snowflake,” says Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances at Snowflake.

One joint customer, Vivian Health has already been able to improve their customer experiences by using a combination of:

  • Python function in Snowpark – to generate training data used in machine learning models for their job recommendation features.
  • Metaplane’s continuous data monitoring – to verify the data used for the machine learning model training.

Metaplane’s investment into the stronger partnership has already yielded an upcoming product release, using Data Quality Metric Functions alongside Metaplane to improve data quality. This allows greater flexibility for users to host their known rules within Snowflake while using Metaplane to handle automated continuous monitoring at scale.

Kevin Hu, CEO of Metaplane, says “I couldn’t have imagined that within a year of beginning our partnership with Snowflake that we’d be the first Data Observability solution to help establish their Technical Validation process, and even more excited for the 100s of customers whose data projects we’ll be able to help!”

SOURCE: BusinessWire