UiPath Announces New Developer Features at DevCon 2024 to Bring Latest in AI-powered Productivity to Developer Community


UiPath, a leading enterprise automation software company, announced at the UiPath DevCon 2024 event a host of new features in its platform designed to enable developers to build, test, and accelerate implementation of automations.

UiPath DevCon gathers hundreds of AI and automation developers, architects, engineers, testers, and product managers for a deep dive into innovation and collaboration possibilities for automation creators within the UiPath Business Automation Platform.

“Developers remain at the center of our innovation efforts. Our quest to reimagine DevOps for automation developers with AI led us to the creation of UiPath Autopilot,” said Munil Shah, Chief Technology Officer, UiPath Automation Cloud. “We are infusing Generative AI across all our products. We believe when AI is combined with automation, magic happens. It’s like combining an intelligent brain with a highly capable body to carry out powerful tasks.”

“With the UiPath developer community in excess of 2 million, and developers and learners across 43 countries, the innovations we provide this community are absolutely essential in the AI and automation era,” said Daniel Dines, UiPath Co-founder and Chief Innovation Officer. “To build modern automations, it is not only about driving the UI. Developers also need API integrations, data, and AI solutions. We are making it possible for developers to access all these constructs in one integrated platform.”

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At UiPath DevCon, UiPath announced:

UiPath Autopilot for Test Suite: now in public preview, Autopilot for Test Suite provides a collection of advanced AI capabilities designed to boost the productivity of testers throughout the entire testing lifecycle. Autopilot for Test Suite includes:

  • AI-Powered Quality Checks: acts as an expert reviewer at a tester’s fingertips analyzing requirements, from popular lifecycle tools such as Jira or Azure DevOps or documents such as a PDD, process design document.
  • AI-Powered Test Design: generates manual tests with step-by-step instructions from developers’ requirements and supporting docs, such as workflows or design documents.
  • AI-Powered Test Automation: converts any text, including manual test steps, into automated tests in UiPath Studio Desktop with little effort; and
  • AI-Powered Test Insights: provides real-time, actionable insights into the test case portfolio, empowering rapid issue resolution and continuous improvement almost instantaneously.

“As organizations increasingly adopt GenAI and code assistants to create code more quickly, it is imperative to incorporate effective, continuous testing to help ensure code quality,” said Melinda Ballou, Research Director for IDC’s Agile ALM, Quality and Portfolio Strategies service. “IDC research also shows the benefits of AI and GenAI for software quality efficiencies to support high velocity software deployment, along with appropriate guardrails and governance. UiPath’s public preview of Autopilot for Test Suite enables users the opportunity to explore and expand existing adoption with these additional capabilities.”

SOURCE: Businesswire