Verimatrix presents the mobile app protection platform at the OWASP events in Lisbon and San Francisco


Verimatrix, the leader in security for the modern connected world, announced its participation in two leading Open Worldwide Application Security Project ( OWASP ) events, showcasing award-winning Verimatrix Extended Threat Defense (XTD) mobile app security solutions:

  • OWASP Global AppSec Lisbon 2024 – June 24-28, 2024
    Lisbon Convention Center – Lisbon, Portugal
  • OWASP Global AppSec San Francisco 2024 – 23. bis 27. September 2024
    Hyatt Regency San Francisco – San Francisco, Kalifornien

OWASP events bring together those responsible for ensuring app security, the business behind it, and the app users. They serve as premier events to demonstrate the value and difference that proactively deploying mobile app protections makes. Verimatrix XTD mobile app security solutions quickly and easily deliver the robust protection, monitoring, and remediation app makers need to combat the latest threats.

“As a proud OWASP member and Diamond Sponsor for the Lisbon event, as well as a Silver Supporter in San Francisco, Verimatrix believes the OWASP conferences bring value to the mobile industry,” said Tom Powledge, Head of Cybersecurity Business at Verimatrix. “We are excited to be able to attend and exhibit to share the successes Verimatrix XTD has enabled and help developers overcome the daunting regulatory compliance hurdles many of them face when trying to launch and maintain their applications.”

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Verimatrix XTD has become the cybersecurity solution of choice for organizations that need to protect their Android applications from reverse engineering and other cyberattacks due to compliance regulations. Verimatrix differentiates itself from other vendors in the industry by offering flexible deployment options, including zero-code cloud solutions, on-premise toolkits, and a white-glove service where Verimatrix’ team of experienced threat intelligence account managers ensure cybersecurity defenses are efficiently implemented into DevSecOps workflows and continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) processes on behalf of customers. This is especially useful for organizations with limited cybersecurity staff or expertise in combating mobile app attacks.

Verimatrix XTD protects mobile app owners from a wide range of threats such as supply chain attacks, screen overlays, application repackaging, unauthorized modification or tampering, man-in-the-device attacks, and more. Its advanced obfuscation techniques and AI/ML threat detection and response capabilities make XTD a world-class company.

SOURCE: Businesswire