CalCPA Announces Partnership with Anchor to Bring Autonomous Billing & Collections to the Entire Accounting Industry

CalCPA Announces Partnership with Anchor to Bring Autonomous Billing _ Collections to the Entire Accounting Industry

The California Society of Certified Public Accountants (CALCPA) announces a new partnership with Anchor, an autonomous B2B billing & collections platform to bring its seamless end-to-end billing & accounts receivables solution to the largest statewide professional association of CPAs in the U.S. Through this partnership, Anchor provides CalCPA members exclusive pricing and discounts as well as dedicated staff to support our members to access its end-to-end billing and collections automation platform, which eliminates late payments, revenue leakage, manual work, and high operational costs.

“Anchor is emphasizing how technology and automation can help accounting match other complex industries in innovation,” says Denise LeDuc Froemming, CPA, CAE, President and CEO of CalCPA. “Creating benefits and bringing innovation to our members is a priority for CalCPA, and partnering with a new company helps address more efficiency and business management challenges for CPAs everywhere.”

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As more industries embrace emerging technology to streamline operations, small and medium businesses are often left behind. CPAs also report feelings of daily stress at work and dealing with rudimentary technology or antiquated procedures does nothing to alleviate this pressure. Addressing the progress gap is especially vital to benefit everyday accounting professionals that deal with tedious, multi-step accounts receivables processes.

“We are thrilled to partner with CalCPA to facilitate the growth of everyday accounting firms and CPAs, by changing the way payments and billing processes are managed today,” says Rom Lakritz, CEO and Co-Founder at Anchor. “CalCPA is an incredibly prestigious and innovative organization and we are proud to provide our platform to their wide network of CPAs and financial professionals across many different industries and sectors.”

Through this partnership, CalCPA members can now leverage Anchor’s platform to completely automate each laborious step in the billing and collections process. This will eliminate their firm’s late payments and revenue leakage, which impact 2-5% of business’ top lines on average. In addition, Anchor’s consolidated platform will help members cut costs during the market downturn, by consolidating multiple software into one solution, and by saving resources spent on manual administrative work instead of on billable hours which impact 5-9 percent of the top line, on average, for Anchor’s existing clients.