FintechCashier is about to release a new banking business model “Lite Label” Banking-As-A-Service

FintechCashier is about to release a new banking business model Lite Label Banking-As-A-Service.

FintechCashier’s new banking business model and future services are promising. Yes, you heard right, FintechCashier is to release its first “Lite Label” Banking-As-A-Service subscription that allows it to manage the Merchants/ Affiliates/ Customers/ Acquirers and Prepaid issuing all from Backend solution.

The whole covid-19 pandemic is over and FintechCashier came out of it stronger than ever. This cutting-edge technology research and development phase is at their fingertips now from launching their newest service. The London-based FintechCashier proudly announces opening up the complete range of digital banking possibilities to its customers via a significant subscription model in response to a huge increase in demand for BaaS services throughout the world.

“The “Lite Label” Banking-As-A-Service delivers creative and innovative Fintech Solutions to our new clients of all sizes and industries to improve their business tremendously.” states Shalom Dodoun, CEO and Founder of FintechCashier.

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It has never been more competitive among the firms competing to offer the infrastructure for banking that will be needed in the future digital banking landscape as smartphone penetration and mobile internet grow tremendously. People are hungry for technology updates, simplified and fast solutions. Brand loyalty is gone, the market is tough and companies are battling.

FintechCashier is keeping up with these developments that led to the emergence of a new player in the digital banking industry. Our brand-new BaaS platform is modular, cloud-based, and completely integrated with top financial services providers. Users of BaaS will have access to everything they require to supply services like Onboarding Rules Engine and core money management technology.