Intuit and Qvinci Products Are Now Available In One Powerful Single-Sourced, Cost-Effective Package

Intuit and Qvinci Products Are Now Available In One Powerful Single-Sourced_ Cost-Effective Package

Qvinci® Software has teamed up with Intuit to be a provider of the world’s most popular accounting software as well as Qvinci’s own suite of financial reporting and business intelligence tools, all in one high-impact package.

This mighty pairing positions Qvinci to offer Intuit products at a substantially reduced package price that enhances the bookkeeping and reporting capabilities of our valued customers while training them in best practices for their effective use.

The Customer Benefits from Intuit:

  • ALL QUICKBOOKS ACCOUNTING PACKAGES – Includes Desktop and all Online versions.
  • QUICKBOOKS DESKTOP TO ONLINE MIGRATION – Access your data from any device, get expert help when you need it, automate essential reporting and transactions, and eliminate the hassle of backing up your information.
  • PAYROLL – Tax penalty protection (up to $25,000), same-day direct deposit, automated payroll, HR advising, and tax calculation and filing.
  • MERCHANT SERVICES – ACH and eChecks, automated recurring invoices, fast deposits, accept payments from anywhere, and track invoices.
  • TIME TRACKING – Schedule employees by jobs or shifts, access real-time reports, manage teams and projects with geofencing technology, and track employee clock ins and outs.
  • And lots more…

The Customer Benefits from Qvinci:

  • AUTOMATED DATA COLLECTION, CONSOLIDATION, AND MAPPING – Patented automation of near real-time collection, consolidation, and mapping of financial and nonfinancial data to a Standard Chart of Accounts. Accomplishes in seconds what normally takes hours.
  • IMPACTFUL KPIs AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE – Customizable with color-coded trending (GREEN = Favorable / RED = Unfavorable) of Key Performance Indicators across multiple time periods and for the 10 key ratios that drive most organizations.
  • BENCHMARCHING AND TRENDING ANALYSIS – Identify best practices of top performers by comparing ecosystem peers to an ideal range of values.

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  • CASHFLOW AND FINANCIAL FORECASTING – Improve decision-making by creating likely future realities that show the direct impact of critical financial decisions on an entity’s income, expenses, and cash position over time.
  • GENERAL LEDGER ACCESS AND JOURNAL ENTRY MANAGMENT – Simplify your life with easy to access General Ledger and journal entries management system that comprise that specific entity’s account interactions for the specific time period needed.
  • NEW DRILL-DOWN FUNCTIONALITY – Enhanced ability to drill into increasingly granular data from the dashboard straight to the General Ledger in 4 clicks of a mouse.
  • FREE JUMPSTART REPORT GALLERY – 100+ gallery report templates that are ready for use on-demand or are fully customizable.
  • REPORT EDITOR – Excel-like but eliminates the spreadsheet chaos. If you can envision it in Excel, you can likely build it in Qvinci.
  • QUICKBOOKS TRAINING – In-demand webinars led by industry experts and focused on improving bookkeeping accuracy and efficiency for franchises and faith-based organizations.