Vyzer and Akoya Partner to Enhance Consumer Financial Data Security and Access


Vyzer, a leading digital wealth management platform, announces a strategic collaboration with Akoya, a 100% API-connected data access network. This partnership introduces Akoya as the third financial data aggregator in Vyzer’s platform, broadening secure financial data access from more institutions and advancing data protection and user control for investors.

Vyzer goes beyond basic tracking, offering sophisticated, automated wealth management solutions. Designed for investors with substantial private investments, Vyzer’s platform features automated and integrated data syncing for effortless wealth management.

Akoya is transforming the way consumer financial data is shared. The Akoya network enables financial institutions of all sizes to conduct consumer-authorized data sharing in a secure, transparent, 100% API-based format. This approach enhances data security for clients by eliminating the need to share sensitive login credentials with third-party applications.

Akoya simplifies data access, enabling multiple API connections, through a single integration, thus enhancing security and reducing maintenance. With a network of over 4,500 financial institutions, Akoya ensures data security and scalability with informed consumer consent, transparency and data minimization.

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Akoya’s technology allows Vyzer clients to control their financial data with the OAuth protocol. Clients can grant, modify, or revoke data access, ensuring transparency and enhanced connectivity with a broader range of financial institutions.

“100% of Akoya’s traffic goes through secure APIs and requires explicit consent from the consumer, we don’t access consumer passwords and we don’t screen scrape. All consumers deserve this protection and control,” said Behram Panthaki, Chief Operating Officer at Akoya. “Our collaboration with Vyzer will provide their customers with a diversified portfolio of management tools, fostering simpler, more secure wealth and portfolio management.”

Vyzer’s collaboration with Akoya as a third aggregator underscores its commitment to secure, innovative financial tools. This partnership solves banking integration challenges and allows clients to securely access a unified view of their investment data without compromising privacy.

“Integrating Akoya into our network is a vital step in ensuring a secure and transparent wealth management experience for our clients,” said Vyzer CEO Litan Yahav. “This move not only aligns with our vision of leveraging cutting-edge technology but also emphasizes our commitment to solving the complexities of bank connectivity by utilizing multiple aggregators.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire