Dense Air and Radisys Partner on ORAN Based Actively Shared 5G Small Cell Infrastructure Software Solutions


Radisys® Corporation, a global leader of open telecom solutions, announced its collaboration with Dense Air Networks, a global broadband solution provider, in building a first-of-its-kind 5G small cell RAN solution set that leverages licensed and shared spectrum to densify and enhance coverage and capacity in 5G standalone networks. This innovative solution from Dense Air is architected to allow both MOCN and MORAN based RAN sharing using the edge network capabilities of Radisys’ 5G RAN CU/DU software for indoor and outdoor deployments.

@Radisys and @DenseAirLtd announce collaboration in building a first-of-its-kind #5G #smallcell #RAN solution set that leverages licensed and shared spectrum to densify and enhance coverage and capacity in 5G standalone networks.

The partnership is based on 15 months of intense research and development work with Dense Air that utilized Radisys’ 5G CU and DU software portfolio. Dense Air, which operates shared 5G Neutral Host Infrastructure, deploys highly scalable, shared small cell solutions utilizing unique high performance RU hardware and a fully cloud-hosted, virtualized CU and DU platform; made possible by the open interfaces and advanced 3GPP features Radisys offer.

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Radisys’ Connect Open RAN 5G CU/DU software hosted on the Dense Air platform is performance-optimized on multiple industry-leading processors and SoCs with:

  • CU/DU split over F1 interface per 3GPP and O-RAN specifications
  • CUPS architecture based CU control-plane and user-plane scaling
  • Flexible lower-layer split options in DU for O-RAN 7.2x fronthaul and SCF option 6 (FAPI/nFAPI) interface, enabling advanced features such as Multi-TRP cluster cell deployment.

Radisys enables Dense Air to utilize novel mmWave fronthaul operating over O-RAN Split 6 interfaces and economically deploy shared streetside 5G small cells clusters, mounted on existing vertical assets, leveraging both licensed and shared spectrum.

Paul Senior, Founder & Chairman, Dense Air commented: “The work which we have carried out together in using O-RAN Split 6 interfaces enables us to deploy streetCell RU clusters with industry-leading 5G NR SA features. We believe this is a significant industry first and are pleased to be working with Radisys on this innovation.”

Arun Bhikshesvaran, CEO, Radisys, said: “Radisys is excited to collaborate with Dense Air in designing this highly differentiated solution that extends the capabilities of 5G networks using advanced 3GPP features and open interfaces. Our field-proven 3GPP and O-RAN compliant software, integrated and benchmarked on multiple platforms, helps Dense Air deploy a highly scalable 5G RAN solution.”

SOURCE: Businesswire