KORE Receives 2023 IoT Excellence Award


KORE, a global leader in Internet of Things (“IoT”) Solutions and pioneering IoT hyperscaler, and provider of IoT Connectivity, Solutions and Analytics, has proudly received the 2023 IoT Excellence Award presented by TMC and Crossfire Media. This accolade highlights products that bring forth valuable information from sensors and systems, fostering improved business decision-making.

Super SIM, a key offering within KORE’s Connectivity as a Service (CaaS) suite, stands out by offering:

  • An API-first approach that focuses on operational efficiency for its users;
  • A digital, self-service-first buying and administrative experience that is industry-leading;
  • Maximum possible uptime through a highly redundant architecture and the ability to automatically switch to a different network without needing manual intervention;
  • The ability for customers to choose exactly which networks to use per region from over 400 tier-1 carriers in over 185 countries to control coverage and cost;
  • Deep visibility into network-level troubleshooting, which improves the customer experience and reduces downtime.

All managed seamlessly through one pane of glass – a single IoT SIM card and consolidated billing from one provider.

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Romil Bahl, President, and CEO of KORE, emphasizes that KORE’s CaaS offerings, including Super SIM, not only assure customers of optimal coverage, quality, and cost in wireless connectivity, but also provide the essential elements for unlocking the limitless potential of global IoT deployments.

KORE’s full suite of offerings, including Super SIM, makes global IoT deployment faster and more seamless – no matter what or where your IoT application is, KORE can build and support a customized CaaS solution that guarantees carrier-agnostic, global and redundant connectivity,” said Bahl. “With the peace of mind knowing their deployments will always have reliable and resilient connectivity, customers are free to focus on the global impact their solutions can make.”

“It is my pleasure to recognize Super SIM with an IoT Excellence Award for its excellence in innovation,” said Carl Ford, Community Developer, IoT Evolution World. “As a leader in this rapidly evolving industry, I look forward to seeing KORE’s future successes.”

SOURCE: PRNewswire