Tecnotree Secures Multimillion-Dollar Deal with Umniah, Pioneering Sensa AIML Embedded BSS Transformation


Tecnotree, a global digital platform and services leader for AI, 5G, and cloud-native technologies announced being awarded a new multimillion-dollar deal with Umniah, a leading provider of a range of telecom solutions in the MENA region with up to 3 million subscribers. With this project, Tecnotree aims to provide AI-embedded BSS customer engagement for the operator. The deal, implementing a full BSS stack along with the Tecnotree Sensa Intelligence platform operationalizes AI across business workflows and is the second win for Tecnotree in terms of AIML-driven customer experience use case.

Under this project, Umniah seeks to upgrade its current CRM system with a new CX implementation targeting improvements in NPS, reduction of churn, and an increase in ARPU. As part of the agreement, Tecnotree will deploy Sensa AI-embedded BSS applications streamlining the AI development lifecycle and driving faster time to value across products.

The applications will include a dynamic bundle of product catalogues, digital self-care and customer management, catalogue-driven order management, demand generation through omnichannel campaigns and configurable integration with leading social networks, lead and funnel management, enterprise workforce management with business process orchestration, business intelligence, and analytics capabilities, enterprise and consumer service request management, partner management, E-Shop (marketplace) & B2B self-care portal. The solution will provide the operator with a unified solution with embedded intelligence for transformation across all applications, that enables B2B2X cross-sell and up-sell capabilities.

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Faisal Qamhiyah, CEO of Umniah, stated, “Launching the advanced Customer Experience (CX) platform marks a pivotal step in our transformation to revolutionize customer interactions and fulfill their digital age expectations. It demonstrates our dedication to comprehending our customers, engaging with them, and keeping them informed about the digital world’s evolving landscape. With customer expectations for seamless, personalized experiences at an all-time high, this platform aims to surpass these demands by providing an in-depth perspective of customer interactions.”

Qamhiyah added, “Umniah envisions a future where its corporate clients excel in understanding and meeting their customers’ dynamic needs, driving them towards sustainable growth and success in the digital age.”

Commenting on the new deal, Padma Ravichander, CEO of Tecnotree Corporation, said, “We are very excited to embark on this new chapter with Umniah, as we help them redefine unparalleled digital experiences with the help of our Digital BSS and Sensa AIML fabric, for their business transformation. Our digital BSS stack embedded with Tecnotree Sensa AIML capabilities will enable the customer to improve business agility and respond faster to market dynamics while humanizing experiences and empowering customer journey lifecycle with Sensa hyper-personalisation.”

The transformation will also enable them to optimize operational costs, while significantly improving revenue monetization capability with our AI/ML-based insights and recommendations. The collaboration marks a significant stride for Tecnotree in the field of artificial intelligence, reinforcing our commitment to enhance digital services that create business differentiation and help our customers deliver second-to-none customer experiences”

SOURCE: Businesswire