Tausight Features Patient Data Protection at HIMSS 2024


Tausight, the leader in patient data protection, announced a collaboration with Dell Technologies to advance cybersecurity for the healthcare industry with a solution that gives healthcare organizations tools to monitor and protect their most sensitive data.

“We’re proud to collaborate with Dell to give healthcare organizations immediate visibility and insight into sensitive data so they can detect, track, and respond to any activity,” said David Ting, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Tausight. “Customers will have the ability to scan and secure sensitive data across their entire infrastructure, which will help combat the cyber threat crisis in healthcare.”

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Customers that leverage Dell for their backup and recovery, a critical part of any cyber strategy, will now be able to easily scan their infrastructure for sensitive data, and ensure it is properly archived in air-gapped storage. This improves preparedness in the event of a cyberattack that results in encrypted or lost data. Clinicians using Dell PCs powered by Tausight Patient Data Protection™ will have live monitoring of sensitive data on their endpoints fed directly to IT and security teams so that anomalies or suspicious activity can be reviewed and remediated.

SOURCE: PRNewswire