Avel eCare Unveils New eSync Platform for Enhanced Telemedicine Services

Avel eCare

Avel eCare, the nation’s leading provider of clinician-to-clinician telemedicine services, announced the launch of Avel eSync, a proprietary clinical workflow platform designed to enhance Avel’s services and enable organizations across the country to deploy critical telemedicine solutions.

“More and more organizations recognize that telemedicine is a necessary addition to the care delivery model but may be deterred by the myriad of logistical and regulatory hurdles that stand in the way of adoption. Leveraging our extensive clinical expertise and 30-year history in virtual care delivery, we designed a technology solution with all the essential tools and features necessary to build and sustain effective telemedicine programs,” said Doug Duskin, Avel eCare’s Chief Executive Officer.

One of Avel eSync’s standout features is its advanced workflow capabilities. Built to optimize the clinician experience, the powerful engine offers the flexibility to quickly design tailored clinical workflows for a range of use cases across Avel’s various service offerings from emergency care and ICU to behavioral health and senior care. This enables Avel to easily incorporate the distinct needs and preferences of each customer into Avel’s overarching clinical protocols, ensuring compliance, quality, and operational excellence.

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The platform also extends Avel’s robust scheduling module, enabling more efficient deployment of Avel’s diverse virtual clinical workforce nationwide.  This not only amplifies Avel’s ability to deliver comprehensive coverage to customers, but also ensures licensing and credentialing requirements are met.

Other features and functionalities include:

  • Secure, device-agnostic embedded video with the ability to initiate video calls from any device with a link and quickly add interpreter support
  • Robust data collection and Power BI integration for analytics and operational insights, such as the frequency of communications between hospitalists and emergency rooms
  • Seamless integration driven by our API connections, HL7 compatibility, and e-prescribing

Avel eSync enables us to better scale the industry’s most advanced telemedicine services, but it’s only the beginning. With our commitment to continuous innovation, we are already developing the next generation of the platform that incorporates natural language processing capabilities and AI, which will redefine the boundaries of what’s possible in telemedicine,” said Robert Spurlock, Avel eCare’s Chief Information Officer.

SOURCE: PRNewswire