Valkyrie Investments launches protocol treasury management

Valkyrie Investments launches protocol treasury management logo/IT Digest
Valkyrie Investments launches protocol treasury management logo/IT Digest

Valkyrie Investments, a leading investment manager focused on digital assets, announced today that it has launched a protocol treasury management service to help blockchain projects better manage their balance sheets.

Blockchain protocols are able to take advantage of services including cash flow management, proprietary investing, advanced reporting, and more, from a trusted name in digital and traditional asset management. This frees up the developers who often run these projects to focus on what they’re best at and leaves the administration of their war chest to professional asset managers.

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“Treasury management services have long been available to corporate clients through traditional financial firms,” said Valkyrie Investments CEO Leah Wald. “This is the first such offering of its kind for companies in the digital asset space and represents another milestone in the institutionalization of this rapidly growing asset class.”

Engaging with a professional money manager to oversee the assets held by emerging and established companies in the blockchain space, which often number into the hundreds of millions of dollars, brings an additional level of trust to projects and provides the fiduciary responsibility to act in the best interest of the client.

“The first protocol to partner with Valkyrie to take advantage of this new treasury management offering is NEM & Symbol, two independent layer-one (L1) protocols whose communities voted on a merger last year. This collaboration was the result of the NEM & Symbol communities agreeing via vote to appoint Valkyrie as a manager to the protocol treasury.”

“The decision to use Valkyrie was an easy one for the community to make,” said NEM & Symbol core developer, Hatchet. “They were the most qualified asset manager we’d spoken to for this role, willing to adapt to our unique needs.”

“We’re proud to lead the way as the first protocol to utilize an asset manager and continue to move our industry standards further in the right direction,” said NEM & Symbol core developer, Jaguar

About Valkyrie Investments

Valkyrie Investments Inc. (“Valkyrie Investments”) is a leading financial services firm with a focus on digital assets. Headquartered in Nashville, Valkyrie’s team combines deep technical expertise in this emerging asset class with decades of experience launching investment vehicles for a wide variety of market participants.