Caban Systems Unveils Monaco, New and Innovative Energy Management System for On-Grid Resilience

Caban Systems Unveils Monaco_ New and Innovative Energy Management System for On-Grid Resilience logo/IT Digest
Caban Systems Unveils Monaco_ New and Innovative Energy Management System for On-Grid Resilience logo/IT Digest

Caban Systems, Inc. (“Caban”) a leader in the design and manufacture of software-enabled energy storage solutions for the telecommunications industry, announced the immediate availability of its Monaco Platform, an advanced energy management and storage system for telecom operators that require Battery-as-a-Service solutions for grid connected sites. The announcement was made at Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona 2022, the largest industry event held annually in Barcelona, Spain and hosted by GSMA.

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The industry lacks effective energy management technologies for mobile sites, which has led to higher costs for operators. With Monaco, Caban is providing a vertically integrated, intelligent and maintenance-free energy platform that includes features such as peak shaving and smart charging. The solution is paired with the company’s Continuo dashboard, an intuitive cloud-based portal that provides operators with round-the-clock monitoring and real-time control for the greatest possible efficiency and cost savings.

Customers save on operating costs with Monaco through an innovative feature that allows the battery management system to charge during non-peak hours and distribute energy during peak hours, which can result in up to 20 percent savings on energy costs.

Monaco’s compact, modular design is a perfect fit for urban sites where space is at a premium. The energy management platform features high-density lithium-ion batteries and an integrated high efficiency thermal management system designed and manufactured in the United States, ensuring rapid deployability and strong quality control.

“With the Monaco platform, clients receive all of Caban’s industry-leading hardware and software technologies packaged into a more compact, energy efficient design,” says Brian Pevear, Caban’s CTO and co-founder. “It’s a tremendous achievement that not only results in significant cost savings for users, but with our fully-integrated platform, installation times can be reduced to a few hours in most cases.”

Caban Systems offers turnkey clean energy solutions that replace fossil fuel generators and short lived lead-acid batteries. These solutions operate as a primary source of power for critical infrastructure in both remote and urban locales. The company’s Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model dramatically reduces OPEX and increases reliability. Caban’s zero-maintenance system has a life expectancy of more than 10 years, reducing operational costs on most telecom sites by more than 25 percent.

Monaco is the most recent addition to Caban’s increasingly broad range of products and services, including its flagship Enduro platform, a lithium-ion energy storage system designed to thrive in harsh environments, providing clean power as a primary or backup system with reliable uptime. With the energy management capabilities of Monaco, Caban Systems is well positioned to provide Battery-as-a-Service solutions for grid connections, which account for over 80% of all wireless network sites, including private networks and fixed network hubs.