MarqVision Launches MARQ Folio to Make Global Trademark Registration Seamless

MarqVision Launches MARQ Folio to Make Global Trademark Registration Seamless

MarqVision, makers of the world’s first AI-powered IP protection platform, unveiled the next piece in the development of its comprehensive IP operating system: MARQ Folio for worldwide trademark registration. The first offering of its kind, MARQ Folio empowers brands to protect their trademarks abroad through intelligent software that handles the entire registration process. Working with MarqVision’s global network of top-tier law firms specializing in the ins and outs of local trademark laws, brands are able to enjoy high-quality advice and service at a reasonable price, ensuring a much higher rate of trademark approval in significantly less time than traditional methods of trademark registration.

MarqVision added worldwide trademark registration to its suite of IP services because it saw a growing demand among its clients to protect IPs in global marketplaces. An international trademark strategy is a must to any brands that are looking to expand globally in the future because not registering a trademark could result in the trademark squatting, which in turn could lead to the loss of brand’s name and revenue generation opportunity in foreign countries.

“Most countries operate under the principle of ‘first-to-file.’ This means if you do not file for foreign trademark registrations early enough, someone else can lawfully own that same trademark in another country,” said Mark Lee, co-founder and CEO of MarqVision. “With the explosion of marketplaces, brands seek greater protections and better ways to safeguard their IP on the global scale. With MARQ Folio, as well as our broader vision for an IP operating system, we are providing compelling solutions to meet their needs.”

Losing trademarks not only leads to great revenue loss for a company, but it also hurts brand value. To date, filing trademark applications in multiple countries has been overwhelming and difficult to navigate. MarqVision changes this with MARQ Folio.

How It Works
With MARQ Folio, applicants answer a series of simple questions about the trademarks they are seeking, in which countries. Their responses are then directed to relevant partner law firms to evaluate, communicate, and coordinate trademark registration with applicants. Documents can be uploaded and shared through MARQ Folio, and the current status of trademark filings is always displayed on the client’s dashboard. If a trademark application is successful, the Certificate of Registration and relevant documents can be saved in MARQ Folio, ensuring that the brand officially holds the trademark.

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MarqVision offers a money-back guarantee on trademark registrations. This is significant because trademark rejection rates can be as high as 75% in some counties. Overcoming these rejections is expensive and costs brands invaluable time. MARQ Folio provides unlimited rejection support with no additional costs or hidden fees, ever.

MARQ Folio builds upon the MarqVision platform that enables efficient removal of counterfeits and digital piracy – including product images, NFTs, and more – by automating the traditional anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy process end-to-end. MarqVision’s proprietary AI models detect counterfeits with 95%+ accuracy and remove counterfeit sales at scale from 1500+ global online marketplaces, covering ecommerce, social media and NFT platforms. By adding trademark registration – and soon full trademark management capabilities– to its services, MarqVision takes another step forward in its efforts to cover all aspects of creation, management, protection, and monetization of IP rights through a single IP operating system.