Prophecy International Announces Strategic Partnership with Novacoast


Software development specialists Prophecy International Holdings Ltd (ASX:PRO), have announced a strategic partnership with Novacoast, a leading full-service cybersecurity and IT consultancy working with public and private sector organizations across several global markets. The partnership will make Prophecy’s flagship cybersecurity logging software Snare available to Novacoast customers as a powerful tool to help organizations improve their cybersecurity posture while also meeting critical business requirements.

“Novacoast is one of the most reputable firms in the cyber market,” says Prophecy CEO Brad Thomas. “By partnering together, we will be able to provide joint customers across the world with the most comprehensive logging solutions available, which is an incredibly powerful tool for any security operations center (SOC) or IT team to have in their arsenal.”

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Designed and built for military and defense, Snare’s market-leading log management and secure log transit capabilities will help joint customers meet ever-evolving global cybersecurity standards while also helping meet business requirements:

  • Improve Compliance & Security while Reducing Cyber Costs: Snare unlimited data storage has helped save customers millions in annual storage costs. Additionally, the ability to store unlimited log data helps to ensure that logs are stored properly for compliance and the reduction in cost means that all critical logs can be captured and stored for security and forensics.
  • Improve Threat Hunting Speed: Snare automated alerts enable a SOC or analyst to respond to anomalous activities in real-time.
  • Meet Reporting Obligations & Mitigate Threats with Enhanced Investigation Capabilities: Snare Database Activity Monitoring, File Integrity Monitoring (FIM), File Access Monitoring (FAM), Registry Activity Monitoring (RIM), and Registry Activity Monitoring (RAM) provide security teams with the most detailed event log data available to identify who got in, what they took, and how they got in a matter of minutes vs months.

“Our partnership with Prophecy has been exceptional.” stated Paul Anderson, CEO of Novacoast. “We are thrilled to add their technology into our offerings for our Security Operations and Threat Hunting teams to help our existing customers and prospects. This strategic move reinforces our position in the market and sets us apart as a true differentiator.”