Skypath Security™ Partners with Rypplzz™ to Deliver Pinpoint GEO-location accuracy for its suite of mobile protection services


Skypath Security,™ a leader in mobile intelligent and interactive threat assessment, threat awareness and personal safety and security, which is linked, in real time, directly to first responders, announced today a partnership with Rypplzz™ to integrate its world class Mobile Defense Platform™ in selected workplace facilities to mitigate workplace threats and hazards while providing first responders real time data needed to save crucial time while responding to active events.

Rypplzz™ is a stealth technology company that has created a patented spatial computing and geo-location platform that enables unique location-based monitoring. It can be utilized in physical spaces and facilities, such as mega warehouses, construction sites, stadiums, parks and entertainment venues for precise geo-location and enhanced connectivity to accurately deliver real time content and data to mission critical applications, such as access control integrated Skypath’s™ Mobile Defense Platform.™

“Rypplzz™ is excited to partner with Skypath Security,™ a world leader in security technology, to integrate our patented geo-location technology and make a meaningful contribution to protecting global infrastructure,” said Rypplzz™ CEO and Co-Founder Josh Pendrick. “Our precise location-based targeting and enhanced connectivity will help organizations using the Skypath Security solution do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. Skypath Security™ has developed a world class platform to protect employees in the workplace, and we look forward to working with them to build and deliver a portfolio of innovative solutions for workplace safety,” Mr. Pendrick concluded.

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Skypath Security™ is the leader in solutions that exemplify community safety and is working to offer cities, states, and countries around the world the ability to equip local authorities and first responders with FREE ACCESS to the tools they need to communicate with the public and protect front-line workers as they respond to every possible hazard.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Rypplzz™ as an unprecedented and valuable addition to our Mobile Defense Platform,™” said David Paolo, founder and CEO of Skypath Security.™ “We developed this technology to protect the lives of students and teachers in schools, employees in the workplace and people in public buildings regardless of socioeconomic status. We work with many grant programs to ensure this technology is available to all as well “The Skytoken Foundation™” a charity designed to ensure underserved schools and municipalities have access to this life saving technology,” Mr. Paolo concluded.

SOURCE: PR Newswire