Dubber to supercharge service provider revenues with Notes by Dubber™

Dubber to supercharge service provider revenues with Notes by Dubber™ logo/IT Digest
Dubber to supercharge service provider revenues with Notes by Dubber™ logo/IT Digest

Mobile World Congress — Dubber Corporation Limited (ASX: DUB) (Dubber) announced Notes by Dubber for service providers.

Notes by Dubber seamlessly integrates with mobile and communication networks operated by service providers, plus unified communications services such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Cisco Webex. Notes by Dubber unlocks a billion-dollar productivity market opportunity for service providers.

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Notes by Dubber is an application available to Dubber Foundation Partners globally that can provide significant productivity benefits to a large proportion of business customers on service provider networks. The ability to add an embedded Notes by Dubber version into their services creates immediate opportunities for revenue, differentiation and improved customer retention. Customers can upgrade with a click to access valuable functionality that is passively assisting users via artificial intelligence (AI) to take and share notes and track actions, creating a highly attractive and “sticky” source of recurring revenue.

Dubber also unveiled a revolutionary demonstration highlighting the power of Dubber’s platform with Notes by Dubber, which can actively take notes for a user’s mobile calls and utilise the functionality specific to Samsung devices to enhance the user experience, driving productivity.

“Since the acquisition of Notiv we have been working hard to enrich features and make Notes by Dubber a valuable offering within any service provider network,” said James Slaney, COO, Dubber. “The scalability of Dubber’s core recording and AI platform means we can deliver Notes by Dubber instantly to millions of devices at a highly attractive price point to service providers, and then through our Foundation Partner model, turn what is a marginal cost into a powerful source of revenue.”

“Unlike other freemium offerings that impose limits on customers, our embedded version of Notes by Dubber will deliver immediate value to users and immediate differentiation and customer retention for service providers. This will lead to new sources of revenue that will dramatically enhance a service provider’s value proposition with customers and, ultimately, significantly boost ARPU,” added Slaney.