Zing Data and Starburst partner, bringing big data to your phone

Zing Data and Starburst partner_ bringing big data to your phone

 Zing Data, a pioneer in collaborative business intelligence partners with Starburst, the industry leading distributed query engine to offer a native data connector. People can now ask questions of terabyte datasets visually, with just a few taps on a mobile device. Using Zing Data and Starburst together is easy – with both companies offering generous free tiers.

Starburst – the fastest SQL-based MPP query engine, which recently closed $250 M in Series D at a market valuation of $3.35B, helps companies like Comcast, FINRA, and Conde Nast unlock the value of their data. Zing is used by fast growing startups and Fortune 1000 companies looking to make data more useful – and delivering a faster time-to-insight than any other platform.