IntellectEU, an innovator in digital finance and emerging technologies, announced it is now part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program


IntellectEU, an innovator in digital finance and emerging technologies, announced it is now part of the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program. Adding to its existing cloud partnerships and capabilities, IntellectEU will now provide a range of Google Cloud services, including cloud consulting, cloud-based application modernization and development, infrastructure and data migration, cloud security and compliance, and cloud optimization and cost management.

“In financial services and beyond, we’re seeing the pervasive trend of cloud migration being an essential step in modernizing digital transformation strategies. At IntellectEU, we’re focused on our cloud transformation services going beyond the traditional scope and leveraging partnerships such as Google Cloud to revolutionize our clients businesses and combine value creation with scalability,” said Hanna Zubko, co-founder and CEO, IntellectEU Inc.

IntellectEU’s deep knowledge of cloud-based technologies, software architecture, data management, and security protocols, affords organizations the agility, operational efficiency, cost reduction, and flexibility required for innovation. As a Google Cloud service partner, and a company that excels in the creation of custom-tailored, large-scale solutions for cross-border payments, sustainable finance, and market infrastructure, IntellectEU is uniquely positioned to enable enterprise digital transformation via cloud technology.

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IntellectEU’s advanced blockchain solutions will join Google Cloud’s robust and scalable infrastructure, combined with its Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). GKE, a secure, fully managed Kubernetes service with auto-scaling and multi-cluster support, will provide a foundation for deploying and scaling IntellectEU’s blockchain-based applications. Coupled with the agility and security offered by GKE, Google Cloud’s Anthos will allow IntellectEU’s solutions to run applications seamlessly across multiple environments.

“We are thrilled to combine the power of Google Cloud, GKE, and our own leading blockchain-based technology. To further enhance the partnership, Google Cloud’s AI and machine learning capabilities will be integrated into our Catalyst Blockchain Manager and Catalyst Integration Suite. This will drive better automation, decision-making, and data analysis, boosting the efficiency of IntellectEU’s blockchain networks and enabling our clients to track assets and verify transactions with unprecedented speed and accuracy,” said Oleg Borovyk, Head of Engineering, IntellectEU Inc.