Enhance Workplace Utilization and Unleash People Counting Value for Optimal Benefits


Milesight, a global AIoT solutions provider, rolls out the Occupancy & People Counting Series adopting the state-of-art AI and ToF technologies. Targeting workplace occupancy and people counting, the series leverages IoT technologies to generate real-time occupancy insights and people flow statistics, unleashing the potential utilization of spaces.

Convert Data into Spatial Intelligence with the Milesight AI Workplace Occupancy Sensor

Being AI-based, the sensor accurately counts people to get a full picture of the designated area. In virtue of LoRaWAN®, the small-size payload transmitting allays privacy concerns for 100% anonymous detection. By getting extensive data, it forms a valuable information network of spaces. The data collected can be converted into information instantly for great space utilization.

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The sensor can be applied everywhere related to space. The key value of the solution applying Milesight VS121 is to turn scattered and unobtainable spatial data into hands-down information, driving better utilization and scientific spatial management. It can be applied to workplaces, retail stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, meeting rooms, workstations and entrances.

  • LoRaWAN® Based
  • Up to 98% Accuracy
  • 100% Anonymous Detection (Compliant with GDPR)
  • 78m2 Large Detection Area
  • 16 Custom Detection Regions
  • Bi-Directional People Counting
  • Milesight D2D Communication
  • Easy Configuration

Convert Numbers into Decision-Making Insights with the Milesight 3D ToF People Counting Sensor

Using ToF Technology, the people flow of the monitoring area is precisely counted with 99.5% ultra-high accuracy and 100% anonymous detection. The advanced U-turn avoids unnecessary and redundant statistics for reliable performance. Check the accuracy testing report to find out how the sensor accurately counts in diversified application scenarios>>

SOURCE: PR Newswire