Congratulations to Agillic client Matas on its Danish Digital Award wins

Congratulations to Agillic client Matas on its Danish Digital Award wins logo/IT digest

Agillic client Matas won awards in the “Marketing Automation”, “Commerce”, and “Customer Experience” categories. This represents yet another recognition of Matas’ innovation and dedication to digital marketing excellence.

At last night’s awards show, Matas won gold in both “Marketing Automation” and “Commerce”, as well as silver in the “Customer Experience” category. Just last month, Agillic clients AO Johansen and Matas were awarded first and second place, respectively, at Dansk Erhverv’s eCommerce awards in the “Omnichannel” category. This next round of wins highlights the wide range of benefits that can be unlocked and supported by truly data-driven omnichannel marketing automation.

Consumers are increasingly seeking brands that can deliver on their expectations for highly personalised, relevant marketing communications. Matas has proved itself, time and again, to be a pioneer of digital marketing, showing brands in Denmark and beyond what truly creative and personalised communications can mean for a company’s success. As Matas’ chosen omnichannel marketing automation platform, Agillic are proud to support it in this work.

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Says Agillic CEO Emre Gürsoy:
“Congratulations to Matas yet again! We are thrilled to see them getting the recognition they deserve as an innovator of omnichannel excellence. We know how powerful, flexible and intuitive the Agillic platform is – but it is our wonderful, dedicated clients, like Matas, that show us what it is truly capable of.”

Says Agillic CXO Rasmus Houlind:
“Matas is taking omnichannel marketing automation to lengths that very few retailers in the world manage to do. With a perfect blend of Brick & Mortar retail, ecommerce, a loyalty club, product subscriptions and even the new Club Matas Plus loyalty subscription, Matas’ omnichannel setup harnesses more complexity than most omnichannel players in the world. We’re proud that the Agillic platform plays a key part in this.”