PolicyEngine Launches Revolutionary Public Policy Analysis Tool in the US


PolicyEngine US, the free and open-source tool that calculates the impact of economic policy reforms, launches in the United States. This innovative web application is the first and only product that allows anyone to estimate their taxes and benefits, then design custom policy reforms and estimate how they affect society and households.

The PolicyEngine US web app allows users to modify hundreds of parameters that characterize existing laws. The tool then estimates the impact of those changes on customizable households, as well as society-wide outcomes like poverty, inequality, and the budget. It operates on any device and requires no technical knowledge.

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PolicyEngine US includes the following features:

  • Simulates individual income taxes federally and in six states to date: MarylandMassachusettsNew YorkOregonPennsylvania, and Washington
  • Models benefit programs such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, free and reduced-price school meals, and Supplemental Security Income in all 50 states
  • Empowers users to design highly customizable policy reforms representing all modeled tax and benefit programs
  • Estimates society-wide impacts at the state and federal level, including net cost, poverty, inequality, and other distributional outcomes
  • Produces personalized results based on an individual’s household income and circumstances
  • Creates shareable charts that show the results of policy proposals

SOURCE: PR Newswire