PRIMECorp Selects Axon Evidence to Connect All Police Services Across British Columbia


Axon ,the global leader in connected public safety technologies, and its subsidiary, Axon Public Safety Canada, Inc., announced PRIMECorp, will be deploying Axon’s digital evidence management solution, Axon Evidence, to all supported police services in British Columbia. This groundbreaking modernization initiative will connect British Columbia justice sector partners and stakeholders, including the police and crown attorneys.

Axon Evidence is a cloud-based digital evidence platform that allows agencies and investigators to store, manage, transfer and share digital evidence across all public safety agencies.

“Our goal was to evaluate the market for a partner that can help bring the benefits of modernizing our digital evidence management from collection, storing and sharing with our justice partners, so we can be more effective while maintaining the highest level of security to safeguard policing data. After an extensive evaluation that spanned two-years, involving a formal procurement process that included an operational pilot with multiple agencies, PRIMECorp is confident in Axon Evidence as a common platform amongst the BC Police Agencies now and into the future,” says Wayne Plamondon, PRIMECorp, Chief Operating Officer.

As custodian of public safety information and data contained within British Columbia’s Police Records Information Management Environment (PRIME), PRIME-BC is the only multi-jurisdictional police records management and computer-aided dispatch system covering an entire province in Canada. With this deployment, Axon Evidence will be utilized by the police services across British Columbia.

“This investment will help drive forward ongoing efforts to modernize British Columbia’s criminal justice system by transforming the way digital evidence is managed by police and shared to their justice partners,” says Vishal Dhir, Managing Director for Axon Canada and Latin America. “We’re excited to be partnering with PRIMECorp on such a critical project for police services in the province. Axon Evidence is a proven solution that can help first responders and public safety officials streamline evidence management and support timely submission to the courts. This reduces costs and helps allocate resources to better serve their community.”

PRIME-BC (Police Records Information Management Environment) is the information management system police across British Columbia use to access data and other critical information that helps them prevent and solve crime. It is the only multi-jurisdictional police records management and computer-aided dispatch system covering an entire province in Canada and has been described as unique, leading edge and a model for sharing police information in North America. PRIME-BC facilitates the sharing of information between agencies and real-time access to the vital data that supports frontline policing, criminal investigations and crime analysis. The PRIME-BC system supports 13 independent and provincial police agencies and 135 RCMP detachments in British Columbia. More than 9,500 police officers interact with PRIME-BC.

PRIMECorp is the organization that manages PRIME-BC by providing operational and technical support for the system.

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