Lakeside Software Launches Velocity Framework to Accelerate Time to Value for Enterprise Clients

Lakeside Software

Lakeside Software, the leader in digital employee experience (DEX), announced the launch of the new Lakeside Velocity Framework, which outlines a clear path to quickly realizing proven returns from the Lakeside SysTrack platform and guides enterprises through how to successfully handle the most pressing IT challenges. This new program is the signature piece of Lakeside’s mission to arm IT teams with unique, actionable insights derived from the most accurate, comprehensive view of endpoint data.

The Lakeside SysTrack platform captures, processes, and transforms 10,000 data points from every endpoint every 15 seconds. The Velocity Framework acts as a roadmap for success, guiding IT and business leaders on how to extract strategic and actionable insights from this industry-leading data. Leveraging the framework, which includes tactical Value Blueprints, organizations can realize value through increased productivity, reduced hardware and software costs, automated issue detection and resolution, and ultimately enhancements to the digital employee experience.

Since the beginning of the year, Lakeside has completed more than 70 blueprints with 35 customers, enabling them to realize an estimated $84 million of savings.

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“We created the Velocity Framework to ensure our customers get the most from our platform not only to see value quickly but to continue to realize returns as they mature on their journey with SysTrack,” said Guy Lever, SVP, Customer Success, Lakeside Software. “The platform is designed to provide the insights needed to support employees with their technology needs and drive operational efficiencies for the enterprise in an expedited manner.”

The Lakeside Velocity Framework’s powerful Value Blueprints offer strategies, along with step-by-step guides, to gain rapid insights into real-time health, usage, and performance of an organization’s entire IT estate and identifying areas for improvement. The program launched with nine Value Blueprints and will expand from these:

  • DEX Visibility
  • Hardware Optimization
  • Software License Optimization
  • Proactive IT Ops Resolution
  • Boot & Login Analysis
  • Endpoint Compliance & Governance
  • Self Help
  • Helpdesk Ticket Avoidance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions

With the guidance of the Velocity Framework, enterprises can implement targeted initiatives that result in tangible and measurable returns on investment. Key customers have already begun using the Velocity Framework and have seen significant returns. For example, using the Hardware Optimization Value Blueprint, one large government agency determined nearly 30 percent of its laptops up for annual refresh could be replaced with Chromebooks, resulting in savings of nearly $1.5 million.

SOURCE: PRNewswire