DoControl’s SaaS Security Platform Is Now Available on the AWS Marketplace


DoControl, the automated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) security company, announced general availability of its no-code SaaS security platform on the AWS Marketplace, an online catalog that simplifies the procurement, provisioning, and governance of third-party software, services, and data. This offering enables joint customers to better protect their business-critical assets by deploying a foundational layer of preventative data access security controls directly through the AWS Marketplace.

The native security capabilities of individual SaaS applications are often ineffective and do not provide a consistent way to implement data access controls throughout all SaaS application types. DoControl delivers a single security strategy that centralizes the enforcement of least privilege – beyond the identity, network, and device levels – throughout an organization’s entire estate of SaaS applications. Customers with AWS deployments can now utilize DoControl solutions to secure all shared data and files accessed by every identity and entity across internal employees, third-party collaborators, and 3rd party OAuth applications.

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“Our availability in AWS Marketplace allows us to quickly and easily support organizations looking for trusted solutions to enhance their SaaS application data security,” said Adam Gavish, CEO and Co-founder, DoControl. “This expands DoControl’s accessibility and availability in the cloud security market, which continues to grow rapidly as enterprises increase their use of SaaS applications across all business functions.”

On average, the typical enterprise has approximately 200 applications in use, with internal and external collaborators reaching into the hundreds or thousands. Data security across these applications (file-sharing, file storage, messaging, etc.) is paramount, as breaches can result in severe brand damage, regulatory fines, lost revenue, and other negative financial outcomes. DoControl provides security and IT teams with SaaS asset management, continuous monitoring, and automated security workflows to prevent data breaches. By replacing manual work with automation, DoControl reduces the manual toil and complexity that security and IT teams have to deal with daily.

SOURCE: PR Newswire