Zementis Announces Predictive Analytics Integrated with IBM z Systems for Insight-driven Business Processes

Zementis Announces Predictive Analytics Integrated with IBM z Systems for Insight-driven Business Processes

Zementis, Inc. and IBM Corporation announced a joint strategic initiative and corresponding technology solution, “Zementis for IBM z Systems”, designed for companies seeking to optimize business decisions and formulate those decisions faster. The solution seeks to unlock the full potential of an organization’s data assets by integrating predictive analytics capabilities directly into transactional data flows that drive business processes.

The joint offering combines Zementis’ solution for high-speed development, deployment and operation of predictive analytics models with IBM z Systems, a family of next-generation mainframe computing platforms that help organizations reinvent enterprise IT to become digital businesses. Zementis for IBM z Systems enhances IBM’s capabilities by integrating predictive analytics directly into core business processes, delivering timely predictive insights directly to the point of maximum business impact.

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Predictive analytics plays a key role in uncovering patterns and nuances that would have been difficult or impossible to discern without data science. Insights from predictive analytics on data allow organizations to develop informed, accurate perspectives on future outcomes and make insight-driven decisions with a high degree of confidence.

“To gain a real competitive advantage, companies today need advanced analytics executed with even greater speed,” said Ross Mauri, General Manager, IBM z Systems. “IBM’s partnership with Zementis provides an analytic solution that delivers insights to a company when it matters most –- during the transaction process. This opens a multitude of new possibilities for positively affecting the business outcome, including real-time fraud detection, risk avoidance, prevention of improper payments and even tailored offers for customers while they are shopping or checking out.”

Zementis for IBM z Systems integrates enterprise-grade predictive analytics into the IBM z Systems z/OS data lifecycle ecosystem. The joint solution represents a family of certified products that enable exceptionally fast operational deployment and embedded scoring functionality of predictive models in key transaction environments, including but not limited to CICS and WebSphere for z/OS.