OpenStream World To Build their Decentralized Video Streaming Network with Livestream-to-Earn Options in South East Asia

OpenStream World To Build their Decentralized Video Streaming Network with Livestream-to-Earn Options in South East Asia

OpenStream World is a decentralized video streaming network; built to enable scalable, easy to host, interactive online events

OpenStream World (OSW) starts building its decentralized video streaming network with livestream to earn options starting on 1 January 2022. OSW is built with the mindset of allowing scalability, easy to host interactive online events. The “Livestream-To-Earn” option is an added advantage to its current blueprint.

Through the power of open source software, OSW optimizes the use of resources like computational power and bandwidth, and use crypto-economic incentives for bootstrapping and participation; there is an opportunity here to deliver an infrastructure that can power video streaming applications at a highly efficient price, and infinite scale.

Along with the proliferation of high-quality cameras and ubiquitous bandwidth, the belief is that this will enable video applications to be created that were never before possible under traditional, centralized cost structures. This technology has the potential to unlock communications, economic opportunities, and entertainment for society going forward.

“We hope to seize this opportunity and fulfil our project’s goal. OpenStream is about streaming, but currently, the Gamefi series is not attractive enough in terms of gameplay for players to spend time watching games. We are here to solve the problem and become an added source of income for Gamefi users by offering livestream to earn.” Khoa Trinh, Founder and CTO of OpenStream World commented.

He added that game streaming is just a product line in the OSW ecosystem. When the COVID pandemic started, a “touchless” economy emerged: online meetings, online teaching, online entertainment. More than 80% of global internet traffic is for video streaming, and after the arrival of COVID this number continues to increase further. Video streaming is at the heart of OSW’s growth, and Khoa hopes to tap on the huge potential in this market.

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What are the advantages of OpenStream World compared to current traditional live streaming platforms?

The first is the competition for income for streamers. Unlike traditional platforms, where streamers only receive a fixed monthly income and donations are in fiat money. OSW uses tokens as a form of additional source of income. Additionally, OSW allows live streaming on multiple platforms at the same time, helping streamers/idols reach the maximum audience. Livestreaming is not new to the non-cryptocurrency community. Since OSW can be broadcast on multiple live platforms at the same time (Youtube/Facebook/Twitch and etc), this allows existing streamers to switch to OSW much easily.

OSW not only live streams for entertainment purposes, OSW provides livestream solutions for education, training, consulting, even medical purposes (telehealth). The interaction will take place two-way, with many supporting tools and utilities.

OSW’s core development team is in Vietnam. According to Chainalysis, Vietnam is ranked second in the world for the value of retail and all on-chain cryptocurrency transactions, ahead of countries such as the USA, China and Russia. In addition, access from Vietnam to cryptocurrency websites and trading platforms were in the top five highest in the world. In a country where adoption is fast, it gives an additional advantage to the OSW team to build on its livestream to earn strategies.

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