MCI Onehealth and Oro Health Collaborate to Launch New Teledermatology Platform

MCI Onehealth and Oro Health Collaborate to Launch New Teledermatology Platform

MCI Onehealth Technologies Inc, a clinician-led healthcare technology company focused on increasing access to and quality of healthcare, and Oro Health, a provider of Asynchronous Telemedicine combined with artificial intelligence-based solutions for medical specialists, today announced the launch of collaboratively developed MCI Dermatology Connect. The launch of MCI Dermatology Connect will help meet the need of Ontarians currently waiting for a consultation on minor dermatological conditions, lessen wait times and increase Ontarians’ access to Dermatologists regardless of geographic constraints.

“Quick, convenient access to specialists with top-quality continuity of care is a cornerstone of the patient experience in MCI’s high performance healthcare network. This collaboration with Oro Health expands our convenient virtual care offering and accelerates access to specialty care,” said Dr. Alexander Dobranowski, CEO of MCI. “Additionally, this innovative platform creates a unique draw for the recruitment of specialists to our network, so that even more patients can be given the care they need quickly. MCI is firmly committed to our mission to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and ultimately safer and we’re grateful for innovative partners like Oro Health who share this goal.”

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The MCI Dermatology Connect platform provides specific solutions needed for virtual dermatology care, including secure transfer of high-resolution imaging between patient and specialist. The innovative platform utilizes Oro Health technology that employs dynamic intelligent triage, facilitating swift categorization and assessment of a patient’s dermatological condition. Integrated tools such as predefined templates for prescriptions, diagnosis and treatment, cultivates a streamlined care environment for both MCI patients and practitioners.

Moreover, asynchronous teledermatology eliminates the necessity for set appointments between the patient and physician, widening the possibilities for swift physician response and the delivery of appropriate care, leading to expected improvements in patient experience and health outcomes. The collaboration accelerates MCI’s vision to transform primary care delivery with precision medicine technologies, novel referral optimization and custom tech-forward initiatives.