Defendify Announces Rebrand & New Website to Meet Increasing Demand for More Holistic Cybersecurity

Defendify Announces Rebrand _ New Website to Meet Increasing Demand for More Holistic Cybersecurity

Defendify, the all-in-one cybersecurity platform, launched its new branding, complete with a thorough redesign of its website and updates to its app. Defendify continues to develop its position as a leading cybersecurity solution for organizations of all sizes and industries, with its recent $3.35 million funding round and significant expansion of its customer base as proof of its product-market fit.

With the global cybersecurity market size forecast to grow to $345.4 billion by 2026 and cybercrime currently costing organizations almost $600 billion globally, an all-in-one cybersecurity solution is more necessary than ever. Organizations of all sizes and in all industries are challenged to ensure they are protected from emerging cybersecurity threats while meeting increasingly complex and stringent regulations and policies. At the same time, cyber threats are increasing in sophistication, targeting, frequency, and impact. Defendify plays an active role in an organization’s operations without adding unmanageable overhead, integrating key cybersecurity solutions and partnering with customers to help ensure the continuity and success of the organization.

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“We’re excited to unveil Defendify’s refreshed identity, which is a culmination of all the hard work our team has put in to understand our target customer and market dynamics,” said Emily Carville, Chief of Marketing at Defendify. “With Defendify, our customers can achieve comprehensive, ongoing protection with continuous support from our team of cybersecurity experts, helping IT leaders anticipate threats and mitigate risk, without having a full internal security team. This new brand approach reaffirms our commitment to making it easier for our customers to ensure they can put into place stronger protection backed by trusted advisors, while laying the foundation for continued growth for Defendify and our customers in the years ahead.”

Defendify aims to meet growing businesses—and their security needs—where they are, regardless of size or industry. Through Defendify, organizations can access flexible, scalable, and comprehensive cybersecurity without requiring the overhead of an internal security team. The Defendify all-in-one cybersecurity solution streamlines multiple layers of protection encompassing assessments, testing, policies, training, detection and response to provide organizations with multiple layers of protection supporting the core pillars of cybersecurity: people, process, and technology.

Since 2017, Defendify has achieved strong growth, protecting thousands of organizations across over 60 countries, and in the past two years, doubling its team size and garnering over 50 awards.