Replicant Launches Single Conversation Engine To Automate Customer Service Interactions Across Every Channel

Replicant Announces Expanded Support Across Messaging and Digital Channels IT logo/IT digest

Replicant, the leader in Contact Center Automation, announces expanded support across messaging and digital channels. Now consumers can resolve their customer support issues over the phone, through chat, or SMS, and seamlessly switch between these channels if necessary. With Replicant, Contact Center leaders can deploy automation across channels faster with one integrated solution.

“With hiring challenges and unpredictable call volumes on the rise, more and more contact centers are turning to automation, but simple solutions like Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and standalone chatbots don’t resolve customer issues,” said Gadi Shamia, chief executive officer and co-founder of Replicant. “Contact center leaders today need a single solution that can automate their most common customer service issues across channels for consistent customer experiences. Our Thinking Machine is now resolving issues not just over the phone, but also with messaging and digital channels to make this vision a reality.”

Replicant’s Thinking Machine leverages a shared intent library to resolve customer issues naturally across languages and channels, for superior service. It also handles customer interactions regardless of the channels they choose:

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Faster deployment. Replicant enables faster deployment across use cases, channels, and languages with a shared intent library that makes it easy to scale learnings across channels without repeating development efforts.

Seamless channel switching. Not all customers like to engage the same way. When a company chooses Replicant, their customers will have more options to resolve issues via phone, chat, SMS, or a combination.

Omnichannel visibility. Contact center leaders get visibility into transcripts for every customer interaction across channels in one unified dashboard to see the full customer journey.

Handoff escalations. Integrate seamlessly with live agent platforms to handoff complex issues that require human empathy without losing customer context.

“By implementing Replicant, we have been able to create consistency in the customer experience,” said Kelsey Holshouser, the vice president of customer experience at Because. “We serve older adults, and now our customers can expect the same high level of service regardless of which channel they choose to interact with us through. That has been huge in creating trust in our brand with our customers.”