Veristream Continues to Provide Full Support Services for iVisitor and iSiteAccess Systems

Veristream Continues to Provide Full Support Services for iVisitor and iSiteAccess Systems

Veristream, a pioneer in electronic security, stands apart from other vendors in the visitor management industry by providing technical and customer support for all enterprises. While many vendors are discontinuing support or mandating product upgrades in order to receive support, Veristream continues to include technical and customer support as part of their core offerings.

“Our goal is to ensure that customers receive the support they need, when they need it,” says Veristream Director of Marketing Tom Fischer, “We do not force customers to pay additional fees for upgrades, they are included for free, and we have always provided both technical and customer support as part of our core offerings.”

With more than 14 years of experience deploying visitor management and employee access systems, Veristream not only provides world class solutions, but also world-class support.

Veristream helps businesses, enterprises, multi-tenant office complexes, health care facilities, law enforcement agencies and university campuses evaluate, plan, and design Veristream’s visitor and access management solutions. Their professional security experts help organizations:

  • Reduce threats and risks in buildings
  • Get scalable security for one building or unlimited buildings
  • Establish full audit trails, easily generate full reports and stay compliant with local and federal standards
  • Integrate visitor management with existing access control systems
  • Screen visitors in real time
  • Manage vendor contractor access
  • Create multiple levels of access for visitors and employees to keep people out of areas they’re not authorized to enter
  • Leverage a proven methodology to minimize costs, reduce error, and expedite deployment
  • Provide dedicated services to assist with ongoing operations and change management of deployed iVisitor and iSiteAccess solutions.

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iVisitor is a cloud-based visitor management system available to clients ranging from small offices to large-scale enterprises and multi-tenant high rise buildings. The solution is designed to expedite the check-in process for visitors as well as onsite subcontractors and vendors. Before access is granted, iVisitor ensures entry for any visitor is authorized. For vendors, the system verifies that the contractor’s certificate of insurance (COI) is valid and not expired—essential for mitigating building liability in the event of facility damage or other accidents. In addition, iVisitor integrates with existing computing environments and access control systems to help organizations accelerate value and garner best performance from their existing investments while enhancing overall security.

iSiteAccess is designed to provide a simple to use, cost-effective solution for tracking employee site access requests, approvals and visits across multiple properties. The system tracks not only the sites to which employees and contractors request access, but also tracks the time, date, reason for the request and who authorizes and approves site access. A full complement of reports is available so that organizations can quickly and easily understand all of the details of who visited, where and why. iSiteAccess is easily integrated with existing computing environments and existing access control systems, and is quickly scalable to meet the demands of a growing business.